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Croquet Around the World

Bienvenido Sevilla

Welcome Sevilla to the world of croquet. That’s right, yet another club opens in Spain as the sport continues to grow here at a rapid pace. Zaudin Croquet Club opens as part of the Zaudin Golf Club, with the lawns nestled between the golf course and a lake. It’s a beautiful club and with 3 brand new laser levelled lawns, approved and accredited by the Spanish Croquet Federation, it’s a great place to play too.

The club has been established by Pedro Lozano, A top player in Spain, who is keen to get more people playing croquet. Just what we like to hear! Their opening weekend saw many croquet players from around the area gather there for their inaugural competition, followed by drinks and dinner at the club house. Since then, many other sports players from the club have given croquet a try and its great to see so many new people taking up the sport.

The club will be playing host to the 4th Camino de Santiago tournament later this year that has previously hosted top international and Spanish players. So definitely one to look out for.

If you are interested in visiting Zaudin Croquet Club, please email Africa Romero:

Croquet Come to Corfu

The Management Committee of the WCF have recently agreed that
Corfu, one of the Greek islands, meets the requirements to join the WCF as a
Recognised Croquet Organisation (RCO).

The Corfu club has been established for many years. It has four lawns, and
regularly hosts tournaments open to visitors, both in GC and AC. The
thriving club has an active membership who play mainly GC and One Ball, with
just a small amount of AC played.

Heading out to Corfu anytime soon, why not pay them a visit or look out for their next Greek Open? Visit their website for more information:

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