Choosing your new croquet mallet

Choosing your new croquet mallet

Thank you to DB Mallets, partners of Croquet England, for sharing their exertise with our community.

Why do we recommend trying before buying?

As suggested by Croquet England trying as many mallets as you can at your club, including those of members who are happy to help you do your research, is a great way of working out which height and head length works best for you. Although weight can play a factor in your mallet choice, the material that the end faces are made of means that a lighter mallet can give you the same shot distance as it’s heavier counterpart.

Players will have questions about the mallets, what they are made of, the suitability for the code of croquet they play, the benefits of a lighter mallet over a heavier one and vice versa. How does the grip they use affect the height of the mallet they should purchase? What is the benefit of an 11” head over a 10” head? All valid questions and when you are spending money on a new mallet, they are quite rightly ones you should ask; you wouldn’t buy a new car without doing your research first.

We find that it’s better to have a conversation, be it by phone or email, to ensure that we are providing the best mallet from our range for each and every customer. So far this year the 11” SP6 is what most people are ordering. We’d rather people be happy with the mallet and don’t feel they’ve made a mistake by rushing a web order or buying on spec alone. Our mallets won’t be what every player wants, and we don’t want anyone spending their hard-earned money on something they aren’t 100% sure of.

We like to think that we have kept the method that David used successfully for over 17 years. In the words of one of our new customers “Thanks for all your help when I ordered, it was refreshingly good old fashioned customer service!”

By Chris Alvey, DB Mallets

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