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3 weeks ago

Rhodes Croft

Sad to hear of the passing of Bryan Sykes who introduced so many of us to the game at Oxford. ...

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They did it! Well done Nottingham Croquet Club!We've done it!

With just over 24 hours still to go, your incredible generosity has taken us to our target of £30,000. We are over-whelmed by the response we have received. We would love to show what your 254 individual donations have achieved so you will all be very welcome to come along when the work is finished - hopefully by early next season.

Thank you from everyone at Nottingham Croquet Club

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Fantastic news! Half way through our campaign and we have reached nearly £27,000 (including a grant of £10,000 from Sport England which arrived sooner than expected) from our total target of £30,000. And we've had support from croquet players from all over the world, from our local MP and councillor, from local communities and businesses, groups who have used our facilities, from our own members and from their contacts, friends, colleagues and families. Many thanks to all.

Our campaign goes on.

As well as the work to improve, adapt and refurbish the two pavilions we have recently created 4 full-size croquet courts on the old bowling greens. So in due source we will need more hoops, balls and stop-boards for the new lawns and shelters for players.

We have a good supply of club mallets, but on Open Days and with larger groups we simply do not have enough, particularly when no-one is permitted to share one with covid restrictions. Our junior section could do with a greater range of sizes and in addition, many of our club mallets were purchased in the 1970s so are approaching 50 years old! There have been many repairs in that time.

So any extra funding raised from this campaign will be put to good use, providing the finishing touches to the pavilions, equipping our new lawns, putting up huts and buying some extra club mallets.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported, and is continuing to support, the work we are doing at Nottingham Croquet Club to make our sport truly ‘Croquet for All’.

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