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The Croquet Association (CA), the sport’s governing body, has seen a sharp increase in sales of croquet sets since lockdown began, as people look for creative ways to entertain themselves at home.

On the wave of this demand, the CA is encouraging more people to try croquet during lockdown - even if they don’t have a garden! They have set up a website to provide some short croquet challenges, and to get people sharing creative videos of themselves playing, using the hashtag #lockdowncroquet.

About croquet

Similar to snooker but played on grass, croquet is a mallet sport that calls for skill, strategy and tactics, and enough exertion to get your daily exercise in. Players in a competitive croquet match cover 4km; perhaps as much as Captain-now-Colonel- Tom’s 100 laps!


The CA’s Marketing Director Eugene Chang said: “Whilst virtual entertainment such as Zoom quizzes and Houseparty have become mainstream due to the pandemic, croquet is a great physical activity to engage your family and get competitive.”

Croquet and lockdown

Whilst domestic and international croquet fixtures have been hit by COVID-19, croquet players have found new ways to satisfy their fixes. The worldwide community has been brought together via weekly croquet quizzes run by former World No 1 Chris Clarke, and clubs have been utilising virtual croquet programs (developed by croquet players) to run coaching sessions for their members. The Association Croquet World Championship concluded in February, just before lockdown commenced, averting the need for the Champion, London-based Reg Bamford, to sharpen his e-croquet skills.

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